Come Enjoy all the Benefits of Green Therapy

Luxury, Off-Grid Glamping Cabin in Norfolk

Luxury, Off-Grid Glamping Cabin in Norfolk

These are strange times that we’re all living through and I think it’s fair to say that life won’t look quite the same for a long time yet. As many people have, I’ve been spending most of my time outside since we’ve been in lockdown. We’re incredibly lucky here at Albion Nights to have a huge amount of outside space which needs tending, much of which has been neglected due to our usually busy lives. These past weeks have brought immense pleasure in finally getting some big outdoor tasks completed, but it’s also highlighted for me the number of people without access to any outside space of their own, let alone the luxury of meadows and woodland we have here.

This, in turn, has led me to think about the impact of this current situation on our health and wellbeing. The term ‘green therapy’ is relatively new, but the benefits of spending time in the outdoors have long been documented in terms of its positive benefits on health and wellbeing. I can think of nothing more nourishing, nurturing and wholesome than being outside and at one with nature. I’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors, be it as a dog walker, well-seasoned camper, festival goer, lover of the countryside or slightly befuddled gardener; it all comes back to the same starting point of being outside.

The website reboot health hit the nail on the head when they write “there’s no longer any doubt about it. Green Therapy – surrounding yourself with trees, flowers and all things green and beautiful – could be one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to benefit your health, both physically and mentally.”

Given the dramatic turn our lives have taken, it’s even more important right now to stay healthy, which includes looking after our mental and physical wellbeing in every way we can. This could be something as simple as nurturing a window box on a balcony or a bigger project such as creating veggie beds for the first time. For me, I’m lucky enough that it’s included reviving veggie beds that haven’t been used for a couple of years, foraging in woodland for such treats as wild garlic and cleavers, long dog walks and clearing brambles and nettles.

Looking ahead to the coming months, if you’ve been stuck in an urban environment during this lockdown, what better way to help you regain some inner strength, lower your stress levels, lower your blood pressure and increase your cortisol levels by treating yourself to a short break in our cabin. A number of studies have found dramatic evidence supporting the improvement of each of these areas by spending time in nature.

Our luxury, off-grid cabin could provide you with the ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature from its stunning setting in a private wild-flower meadow. There are numerous local walks to explore, farm shops and cafes, village pubs and vineyards all very close by. What’s not to love?!

In the meantime, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!