5 of The Best Free Holiday Kicks

Get Up With The Sunrise

Most of us watch the sunset regularly, but not so many of us see it rise. It takes a bit more effort, right? But waking up with the sun is a brilliant thing to do, especially when you’re staying here in our cabin. The day starts so quietly and everything is so still. If you’re lucky, the early morning wildlife is about and the low mist and early morning light create a magic all of its own. There is no better way to start your day than sitting snuggled up on the cabin veranda with a freshly brewed cuppa. Trust me. It’s good.


We’re blessed to have uninterrupted dark, night skies here, giving you the chance to stargaze to your heart’s content, weather allowing of course. I love to end my cabin days sitting on the veranda as the sun goes down, usually with a glass of something cold, watching the stars appear one by one.

Wild Swimming

We’re lucky enough to have a couple of secluded river spots nearby giving you the chance to take a wild swim. If you’re feeling really brave, you could even skinny dip and say hello to the elements! Yes, it’ll definitely be cold, but it’ll also be invigorating, hilarious, and totally amazing!

Run Outside into The Rain

As I type this, we’ve got some terrific thunderstorms overhead. If you’re here and it rains, instead of hiding away inside the cabin, run outside and play in it. Get soaked through, run, jump, belly laugh loads and then dry off in front of the wood-burning stove, or hop into a steaming bath undercover on the cabin veranda.

Forage For Your Supper

This is a brilliant way to get back to nature and increase your knowledge of hedgerow foods. Make sure you’re certain of what you’re picking and use a handbook to make absolutely sure. There are a couple of books and fanzines in the cabin to help you do just this. Remember to only pick what you need and then cook up a storm back at the cabin.