Thank you for choosing to book a stay with us. Our aim at Albion Nights is to make your stay a truly magical experience; one that we hope you will treasure and want to repeat time and again. We enter into an agreement of trust with our guests that they will take care of our property and themselves whilst visiting.

We ask that all guests adhere to these Terms and Conditions in order to protect both us as Albion Nights and you as our guests. Failure to adhere to these Terms & Conditions could result in guests being asked to leave without notice, or reimbursement. This enables us to maintain our standards whilst ensuring your safety and establishing a clear, legal contract for damage, cancellation and exceptional circumstances.

Albion Nights reserves the right to change the website, including Terms & Conditions, without notice.

It is important that you read all the instructions that are sent to you prior to your arrival and that you follow the instructions in the welcome pack.

In these Terms & Conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

‘Albion Nights’ means the owners of Albion Nights.

‘Agreement’ means the agreement between Albion Nights and the guest for the holiday rental.

‘Guest’ means the person/s named on the booking/invoice.


Payments & Cancellations During Covid-19

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, we appreciate that greater flexibility is required in regards to payments and deposits. With this in mind, you can book at Albion Nights with complete confidence in our Covid-19 guarantee, as detailed below:

What to do if a guest develops Covid-19 symptoms during their stay at Albion Nights

Departure during Covid-19

During this time, we request that all bed linen is stripped by guests and placed in the bag supplied, along with any towels used. This will enable us to isolate any used linens for 24 hours before washing, and will keep Albion Nights staff safe.

Non-Covid-19 Related Terms & Conditions


Arrival & Departure

Booking & Cancellation

Breakages and Damage

Accident and/or Injury 


Fire Policy

Peace and Tranquility



Dogs are not allowed. We have our own dogs, chickens and other livestock, plus live alongside a working farm with livestock. Unfortunately it would not be safe or appropriate to allow guests dogs.


Children are not allowed at Albion Nights.


In the very unlikely event of a guest having a complaint, please notify Albion Nights as soon as possible and they will endeavour to resolve the issue wherever reasonably possible.