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Lights, Camera, Nature! Shoot Your Next Project in Our Enchanting Hideaway

Did you know that you can hire our cabin, beautiful meadow and woodland for photoshoots and filming? If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to bring your shoot to life then look no further! Our little piece of paradise is ready to be your canvas.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a filmmaker, or just a creative soul with a passion for capturing beauty, our site is open as a unique shoot location. Picture this: a cosy, rustic cabin nestled amidst the lush greens, surrounded by a meadow that dances with wildflowers, and a dreamy woodland straight out of a fairy tale.

A Nature Haven For You to Bring Your Vision to Life

Our handcrafted cabin, with its warm wooden hues and enchanting ambiance, is perfect for that cosy lifestyle shoot or a rustic-themed project. Embrace the serenity of the meadow, where golden sunsets set the scene for romance and wonder. And let’s not forget the woodland, where rays of sunlight peek through the canopy, creating an ethereal atmosphere that’s perfect for fantasy or woodland-themed shoots.

As you walk through our picturesque setting, you’ll find endless nooks and corners that tell their own stories. Capture candid moments by the campfire, create whimsical scenes among the trees, or unveil the magic of bathing under the stars.

Book Your Dream Shoot Today

Whether it’s for commercial shoots, fashion editorials, engagement shoots, or just a personal passion project, we’d love to be a part of it.

Come and be inspired by nature’s charm and let your imagination run wild.

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